About Me:

Beauty expert and LipstickAmmo founder Michelle Cameau's beauty legacy dates back to 2003. The primping pioneer is well versed in makeup, hair and nails creating art via cosmetics for over a decade. Michelle entered the cosmetology arena earning her advanced certification. Perpetually pioneering her brand, she most recently trained as a cosmetic formulator and Certified Health Coach. Michelle also amasses a degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising contributing to her keen eye for design.

Cameau's infatuation of beauty commenced as vehement young lady. In design school she ripened her natural ability for aesthetics, color coordination and sketching in unison with a true talent for application. Active in the industry Michelle learned the dynamics and excelled in the fashion business implementing the fundamental science of conceptual design and illustration to final production. Nourishing her beauty calling, she then enrolled in the Joe Blasco Makeup Academy; followed by a stint behind the makeup counter; next stop as a freelance artist in the beauty trade while securing her license as a cosmetologist in 2012.

Michelle’s experiences and dexterity attribute to top execution techniques with every habitué. She believes in bringing out every woman best version of themselves; making women “feel beautiful” has been the most rewarding perk of her career. Her art and allegiance to beauty has been featured in preeminent publications such as ELLE, Glamour, Essence, Harper's Bazaar and Cosmopolitan.
Cameau has worked on several high-profile fashion shows, has been featured on Fox and NBC networks as a premier beauty specialist and has worked with superlative brands and celebrities. Amid working with notable modeling agencies and photographers in New York and Miami; Michelle enriches the quality of her life working with philanthropic organizations.
Her mission is to help prevent beauty-related anxieties by educating what you consume on the inside is reflected on the outside in unison with the benefits of natural beauty products.
Michelle is the founder of LipstickAmmo Beauté "The parlour that comes to you" session beauty services and Beauty Pharmer “Cultivating the beauty within you” beauty + holistic wellness mentoring.

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